Male Boudoir | Mr. M bares all for a Dudoir Session in Scarborough Maine

Male Boudoir or Dudoir, as the internet likes to call it, can be a mix of serious and fun. It’s just plain fun as how we would describe it. It’s not every day you get a call for a male boudoir session, and when we do it’s usually someone contacting us on a prank and it’s usually followed but some unsolicited photos via email. So when Mr. M called for his session we were admittedly a bit leery but after a few phone calls, some ideas we bounced around – he was the real deal!

Mr. M knew his fiancé would be a little stressed out on the morning of their wedding so he set out with the goal to lighten the mood and give her a good giggle before the ceremony hopefully relieving some her tension. While we weren’t the wedding photographers for Mr. M and his fiancee we are anxiously awaiting their return from their honeymoon because we’re dying to see her reaction to the male boudoir album he gifted her on the morning of their wedding!

Male Boudoir

Are you looking to have Male Boudoir or Dudoir Session taken? We loved getting creative with these in the studio and have the ability to photograph them on location or in our studio. Click here to contact us: dare by Brittany Rae