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Miss R Flexes in our Studio

Randi is such an inspiration! She came into the studio on a call for Fitness and Boudoir portraits. I bet you wouldn’t believe me if I told you but Randi is the mom to two, yes TWO, teenagers. Not only does she not look old enough to have kids that age, she certainly doesn’t look like she’s had babies. I can tell you, my stomach doesn’t look anything like hers! But my kids are only 5 and 3 so I guess there’s still hope for me. I’m doing crunches while writing this post.


If you can’t tell from the photos, Randi competes in fitness and bodybuilding competitions. She came into the studio two days after her latest competition, where she took home first place in all three categories she entered. We had fun playing with new light set ups to really bring out just how toned she is!

Sassy Boudoir

I was so excited to have Randi into the studio because we have just redone all of our stations for our boudoir portraits. In one section of the studio we have a white bed with tufted headboard and some red silk sheets. In the other area we have a bench and mirror for some nice vanity shots and reflections. And then last but not least, in this area of the studio we have a new floral backdrop for some softer images. I brought in the footboard to one of our other bed sets to make it appear as if she’s on a bed. I’m beyond thrilled with our new set ups.

You’ll have to stop by and see! I even installed wood flooring in some of the studio!

Not only is Randi a stunning fitness model, bodybuilder, and fantastic lady, she’s also a very talented professional hair and make up artist specializing in wedding make up! After we were all done with all the shots above she glammed up for her headshot!

Are you looking to have Fitness Portraits taken? As a Maine Boudoir Photographer I loved getting creative with these in the studio and have the ability to photograph them on location or in our studio. Click here to contact us: Brittany Rae Photography